Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mosab Hassan Yousef and his conversion to Christianity

Mosab Hassan Yousef is one of the very controversial figures that suddenly appeared in the media with interestingly strange views about Hamas and its relationship with Israel. The most exciting point in the story of this guy is that he is the son of one of the key political leaders of Hamas organization called Sheikh Hassan Yousef. Mosab has recently converted to Christianity and moved to the US to claim political asylum after revealing his collaboration with the Israeli intelligence. Since then, Mosab has been appearing in the western media speaking about his passionate support for Israel and the "brutality" of Hamas that led him to decide to work with the Israeli intelligence against it.

In fact, reading his book "The Son of Hamas" and watching his interviews in the media has raised lots of question marks about this guy's attitude and behavior. What made this guy suddenly stop his work with the Israeli Intelligence and appear to the people in this way?! and if he has helped the Shin Beit to prevent thousands of suicide attacks and assassinations, how come did the Shin Beit allow this guy to stop working with them and move to claim asylum in the US?!. Any Palestinian working as a collaborator with Israel would not have a wish to be in the current position of this guy despite the huge support and protection that he is receiving from the Israeli and American security offices. The only logical justification for Mosab's action of self-revealing his collaboration and moving to the US is that Hamas could have discovered his work with the Shin Beit in such case, he became with no value for the Israelis. Taking this possibility to be correct, the Israelis would not have any benefit from keeping this guy and would therefore leave him to be arrested by the Palestinians because he would no longer be able to continue providing the Shin Beit with important information about Hamas militants and leaders. Mosab may have had information that the Palestinians had discovered his collaboration which made him take a very clever initiative by doing what he did in order to protect himself from being handed over to the Palestinians which would lead him to death.

Letting such a possibility be not correct, then why did not we see the other collaborators who are still secretly working with the Shin Beit do the same thing as Mosab especially that there could a very big number of collaborators who have been helping the Israelis for much longer period than Mosab. Recently, I have seen the Palestinian government in Gaza killing some collaborators who confessed to have been working with the Shabak since 1980s when Mosab then was still a little kid. Those people could have converted to Christianity and moved to the US like Mosab did but they didn't!.

Any further views about this topic are very much encouraged. 

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