Monday, December 3, 2012

Is Israel preparing for another war on Gaza?

There is being much analysis on the media as of whether there is going to be another war on Gaza in the upcoming period. After the last war, we have seen both Israel and Hamas claiming to have achieved victory. However, the Israeli government kept hiding the feeling that they were forced to pay an expensive price for launching a military attack on Gaza. Despite the top secret information that the Israeli intelligence had claimed to have about the rockets and missiles in the hands of Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza, no one in Israel expected that those rockets would hit the centers of Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. In fact, such a surprising escallation of violence placed the Israeli officials in a very critical situation in front of their people, especially after the failure of the Israeli army to stop the launchement of these rockets despite the condenced airstrikes that never left an area of the Gaza strip without being targetted.

At the end, the Israeli government was obliged to make a decision to negotiate with the militant groups in Gaza via Egypt about a ceasefire. This surprisingly happened after the continous declarations of the Israeli officials that they would never sit with "terrorists" around one table. All of such obligations through which Israel was placed has dramatically affected the brave and strong reputation of the Israeli army and government both in the global media and also in the eyes of the Israeli people. Moreover, the resignation of the Israeli minister of army, Ehud Barak, after confessing failure in the war against Hamas, verified and assured such a failure of Israel in the global arena.

I think that Israel, after all these shameful consequences, would not easily accept such a defeat. It would rather do all what's necessary to reclaim the undefeatable reputation of the Israeli army even if it takes it to enter another war on Gaza. Otherwise, the Israeli army will continue losing the rest of confidence it had in the minds of the Israeli people as well as in the minds of the other external enemies of Israel like Iran and Hezbollah. The Iranians actually felt very happy watching the Israeli army failing to destroy the rocket launchers of the Gazan militants. This would reflect the impossibility of Israel's ability to achieve its goals in Iran which is much wider, bigger, and even more complicated than Gaza.    

However, I think breaking the current ceasefire in the region and entering another war of wider goals in Gaza is expected to cost Israel much more than its losses in the last war especially that an agreement of a new ceasefire between both sides would not necessarily be possible in the future as of today.

Any further views are very much welcome.

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